Call To Prayer for "Fearless" Conference!

Good Morning!!!  Today is a short and special Monday Message where I am going to interrupt our normal communication to announce to you that THIS SATURDAY is our 2018 Spokane Women’s Conference!!!  This year the Conference is Entitled, “Fearless,” and the message God has for us is a timely one!  I wanted to take this opportunity to ask all the saints reading this for prayer over this event!!!  Prayer is SO incredibly important and it means so much knowing that God’s people are praying together in unity!  The church praying together is a force the gates of hell cannot stand against!  I want to ask you for prayer over all the ladies coming on Saturday.  Our prayer is that nothing would hinder them from being there, and that God would be preparing their hearts this entire week for what He wants to do in them!  I would also ask for prayer over ALL the volunteers who are working so hard, that God would protect them, strengthen them, and work miraculously on their behalf!  We are also praying for protection over the entire building of Southside Christian Church and that from the moment ladies walk through the doors they are overwhelmed by the incredible presence of God!  We are asking that the Holy Spirit FILL that place and EVERY heart that enters!  I also would ask for prayer for the salvation of any who are coming who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior!   Finally, I would be blessed beyond belief if you would pray for me as well.  I would LOVE your prayers over the message God is bringing, that the Holy Spirit would anoint EVERY word, that it would be God speaking HIS message, and that He would be GLORIFIED beyond measure on this day!!  My prayer is that He is Exalted in Every moment of our time together, that eyes and hearts will turn to Him, and as we seek the Lord, He WILL deliver us from ALL our Fear!  The bible tells us to “Pray without Ceasing,” and I am asking that we do that this week!  We are raising our voices together in a battle cry against the power and hold of Fear in our lives and we are taking our stand in FAITH!!  Please join us in prayer, in person, or in both ways this week and on March 24th!!  I cannot thank you enough for your incredible partnership during this powerful day!  I know God is going to do Exceedingly, Abundantly, Beyond Anything we could ask or imagine!!  Our God is Great, He is Mighty to Save, and Worthy of our Praise!!  To Him be the Glory!!

Scripture to Meditate on:  Mark 11:24, Eph. 6:18, 1 John 5:14-15Matt. 6:9-13, Ps. 34:4

Ashley Possin