I Believe IN JESUS!


“But These are written that you may BELIEVE….!” – From the Gospel of John!

I believe that Jesus is the Word, that the Word was with God, and the Word is God!

I believe that through Jesus All things were made!

I believe that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us!

I believe that no one has ever seen God except Jesus

I believe Jesus came to make Him known to us!

Who is He?

I believe He is the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (1:29)

I believe He is the Son of God (20:31)

I believe He is the living water (4)

I believe He is the Messiah, the Christ (20:31)

I believe He is the Holy One of God (6:69)

I believe He is the Son of Man (9:35-37)

I believe He is The Great I Am! (8:58, 13:19, 18:5-6)

I believe Him when He said:

I Am the Bread of Life (6:35)

I Am the Light of the World (8:12, 9:5)

I Am the Gate (10:7 & 9)

I am the Good Shepherd (10:11)

I Am the Resurection and the Life (11:25)

I Am the Way the Truth, and the Life (14:6)

I Am the True Vine (15:1)

I believe He is Lord! (20:28)

I believe He is God! (20:28)

I believe He came FOR ME because of His GREAT Love for me!

What did He do for me?

I believe He has given me the right to become a child of God! (1:12)

I believe He has made a way for me to see the Kingdom of God (3:3-5)  BECAUSE..

I believe He has made a way for me to be born again! (3:3-5)

I believe He has given me eternal life! (3:15-16)

Through Him I No longer stand condemned! (3:18)

Through Him I am free from God’s wrath! (3:36)

Through Him my thirst is Quenched! (4:13-14)

Through Him I have a testimony that will lead others to Christ! (4:39)

He is my Healer! (4:49-53, 5:6-15)

He is my provider! (6)

He has satisfied my hunger! (6:35)

I will Never be driven away from Him! (6:37)

I will Never be lost from Him! (6:39)

He has Forgiven Me! (8:11)

He has given me light- I no longer walk in darkness! (8:12)

He has allowed me to know the Truth! (8:32)

He has SET ME FREE! (8:32)

Jesus laid down His life for me! (19)

Jesus Rose again for me! (20)

Jesus broke down the barriers of my Belief! (20:21)

He has called me Blessed! (20:21)

He has commissioned me to Follow Him! (21:22)

I believe in the Name of Jesus!!!


“Salvation is found in NO ONE ELSE, for there is NO other name under heaven given to mankind by which we MUST be saved, EXCEPT THE NAME OF JESUS!”


Ashley Possin