With God ALL Things Are Possible!

“Is there Anything too hard for me?”

-God, Jeremiah 32:27

Face your Limitations, Embrace His Liberation, Live in Expectation…



There are many Limitations we face.  Some are Natural, some Self imposed, some Other’s imposed, and some direct attacks from the Enemy.

Jesus came to declare Freedom for the captives, and He longs to Liberate us!  To Set Us Free and to fill us with His Power!

Our God is LIMITLESS, there are NO barriers that can hold Him, and He longs to take you Beyond Yourself, Beyond your Limits, into what Only He can do through you!


We Say… I’m not old enough, I’m Not educated enough, I’m not young enough, I’m not perfect enough, I’m not healed enough, I’m not brave enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m Not Able!

God Says… I’M MORE THAN ENOUGH!  I AM ABLE!  I am Abundant!  My Grace is Sufficient for YOU!, I can do Beyond what you EVER Imagined!  I AM Exceeding! I AM ALL Powerful!  There is Nothing Impossible For ME!

God Says…  I AM LIMITLESS!!!


“Greater is HE who LIVES IN YOU!”

Ashley Possin