“What is God Like?”


Early this summer I heard such a sweet story, and I want to share it with you!  A young couple recently had the joy of bringing into this world a brand-new baby boy.  While they were still in the hospital their 3-year-old daughter came to see her new brother for the first time.  When the door to the hospital room was opened it was clear that this little girl was on quite the mission. She ran straight to the bassinet where her brother was lying and as soon as her face was above his face, she began to shout, “Quick, What is God like?  What is God like?” Everyone in the room was stunned and confused and her mother immediately began to ask the little girl, “Honey, what are you doing? Why are you yelling that at your brother? He doesn’t understand you!” This young girl’s reply was that she knew her brother had just come from God Himself, and if Anyone would be able to tell her what God was like, it would be him!  She wanted her bother to quickly tell her What God was like BEFORE he forgot! She felt as if all the adults had already forgotten what God was like, so she had to get to her brother fast before he might forget too!

What I find absolutely Captivating is that the answer to this Question was the ONE pursuit occupying this little girl’s heart!  Most little kids in that situation might have wanted their mom and her reassurance, or wondered what their new brother looked or sounded like, but for this little girl the ONLY thing worth pursuing was the answer to this question: “What is God Like?”  I LOVE that SO much!

I wonder how many adult Christians today have on their hearts the ONE pursuit of the answer to the question, “What is God Like?”  And what is more is that I wonder how many would have an accurate, Truthful, and Personal answer to that question? IF someone were to ask you, “Who is God?”  “What is God like?” What would you say?

I want to share with you why it is SO vital that we, the church, must KNOW and be able to stand on the unshakable answer to this question from the Revelation and Illumination of God’s Perfect WORD!

There is a devastating movement taking place right now and the most damaging and dangerous aspect of this movement is that it is being led by people who not only used to follow Christ, but people who used to LEAD Christ’s people!

There has, over this summer alone, become such a movement of nationally know pastors, and leaders that have chosen to abandon their faith in Christ altogether and lead others to do the very same thing.  We now have Ex-Pastors partnering with leading atheists in writing books that twist scripture in order to paint a horrid and false picture of God! We have books entitled, “God, the most Unpleasant Character in ALL of Fiction.”    And the devastating reality is that Many are listening and believing this to be true! I myself have even had certain pastors who might have wanted to partner with One Truth Ministries, ask me how strongly I am tied to this idea of “One Truth?”  My answer was, “As Tight as I can be because there IS Only ONE Truth, One Way, One Life and His name is Jesus Christ! There is NO Other Way, and No Other Truth!”

This reminds me so much of what the Bible tells us happened to God’s people when they FORGOT Their God!  Judges 2:10 tells us that, “After the Generation of Joshua died there arose another generation after them who did NOT KNOW the LORD or the Work HE had done” So they ABANDONED the Lord and began to serve every other god that humans had created!  This led them into the Cycle of Apostacy, and you will see that cycle repeated many times in the book of Judges. This leads God to declare through the prophet Hosea, “My people are being destroyed because they DO NOT KNOW me!” Hos. 4:6

I Truly believe the reason we are seeing so many abandon their faith in God, why so many are walking away from Him, and the reason Apostacy is growing within the church is that we have Forgotten WHO our God REALLY IS!  

When someone truly has faith, they are fully persuaded and firmly convinced of the character of God!  To really have faith means you have confidence in God’s Character! If you do not really KNOW who God is or what God is like you will not be able to have faith, and you will struggle in frustration and hope against hope, and strive in vain because you do not KNOW Who God is!  

Ps. 9:10 “Those who KNOW your name (Literally the attributes or characteristics that describe you) will put their trust in You, and you will never forsake those who seek you!”   Now in order to have confidence in God’s Character you must first KNOW God’s Character as HE has Revealed HIMSELF to be!

The problem right now is that we rarely take the time to KNOW Him as HE has declared Himself to be!  We rarely spend time Really thinking on and meditating about Who God Truly IS, even though Jesus said in John 17:3  “Now this is Eternal Life: that they KNOW you, the ONLY True God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent!”

Listen to Jeremiah 9:23-24  

“23 This is what the Lord says:
“Don’t let the wise boast in their wisdom,
    or the powerful boast in their power,
    or the rich boast in their riches.
24 But those who wish to boast
    should boast in this alone:
that they truly KNOW me and understand that I am the Lord…”

  I believe God is doing now what He has done from the beginning of creating a people for Himself…He is calling us to REMEMBER and to KNOW WHO HE IS!!!  He desires for us to Truly KNOW Him!

Many will ask if the pursuit of KNOWING God is valuable and to that I would say that it is a cruel thing to try and live and survive in this world without knowing the God whose world it is!!  Without knowing the ONE who created the world and us in it, who sustains the world and us in it, this world becomes nothing but a sad, confusing, hurtful, harmful, and strange place, and life in this world will be disappointing, fruitless, purposeless, and meaningless and we will stumble our way through life blindfolded with no direction or understanding!  This is how life is Wasted and Souls are LOST!!! Is Knowing God Valuable? This is the ONLY pursuit of ANY real value in this life! It is for THIS pursuit that we were made and without it we are lost! There is no GREATER pursuit, there should be NO OTHER pursuit in our lives except the pursuit of GOD Himself! This IS Eternal Life!!  

IT is in Knowing our God that we will find meaning and purpose in this life!  It is in having a worthy concept of God that our Faith will increase! As we Truly KNOW God, as HE has revealed Himself to be, then we will find ourselves to be a people who Stand Firm and are led into Action.  Our Thoughts about Him will become higher and grander, our Boldness will increase, and we will be clothed in true Humility! It is in knowing God that the entirety of the Bible will be brought into clearer perspective for us!  Is this pursuit valuable? I hope you will join me in answering with a resounding, “YES!”  

What is amazing to me is that Knowing God can only be accomplished because HE has chosen to reveal Himself to US!  He desires for us to know Him and it is only through His Spirit in us that this is possible. We can never know Him fully, but in every way He has allowed us to Know Him, we must KNOW Him!

There is NO Greater pursuit than the Pursuit of God Himself!  There is no Greater way to spend your time or your mind than on the deep contemplation of the ONE who is Before ALL things, Who is After ALL things, who is beneath All things, Above all things, outside of all things.  We will find no greater healing for our souls than in the meditation of the one who is Self-Existent, Who is Imminent, who is Immutable and All Powerful, who sustains all things, and holds all things together, and yet He is the one who has Revealed Himself to us, who desires for us to KNOW Him, will we refuse such an offer???

Ashley Possin