Consider Jesus! He is ABLE!!

As we gear up for our 2018 Women’s Conference “Fearless,” I am thrilled that we are taking the time to CONSIDER JESUS!!  We are thinking carefully about WHO He is!  We have considered that He is LOVE, that He is TRUTH, that He is our TREASURE, and this week I want us to Consider the fact that He is ABLE!!!  This very truth is so Incredibly Powerful for us that the very thought of it makes me want to jump to my feet!  In fact, I just may stand as I type this!  I LOVE passages in the Bible that describe to us God’s Ability…His ABLE-NESS!  Our God is ABLE!  That means our God CAN DO, with Him it IS Possible!  His name is El Shaddai – God Almighty!  Do you know when He first introduced Himself with that name?  It was to an old man named Abram, and his wife Sarai.  They had been promised a child even though they were passed the natural age of childbearing, and yet they ended up believing God!  Do you know how the Lord began leading them down this journey of faith?  He introduced Himself to them.  He said, “I AM EL SHADDAI – God ALMIGHTY!”  Do you know this MIGHTY GOD today?  Do you know the MIGHT of our Savior?  Do not disregard Him, get to know Him.  Do Not sell Him short, Shout His Praise!  Do Not forget, but Remember what HE is ABLE to do!

Our God is ABLE to provide a way out for you so you are NOT tempted beyond what you can bear!

Our God is ABLE to make the ROCKS Cry out in Praise to Him, if we will not!

Our God is ABLE to CALM every Storm!

Our God is ABLE to fully perform ALL that He has promised!

Our God is ABLE to Establish YOU!

Our God is ABLE to COMFORT YOU in ALL Your afflictions!

Our God is ABLE to GUARD what HE has entrusted to YOU until that Glorious Day!

Our God is Able to Give YOU Eternal Life!

Our God is ABLE to Raise YOU from the dead!

Our God is Able to make ALL Grace abound to you, so that in ALL things, and in ALL times, having ALL that you need, you will have an ABUNDANCE for EVERY Good work!

He is ABLE to do Exceedingly, Abundantly, Far Beyond ALL that we could Ask or IMAGINE!!

If that is not enough…He is ABLE to supply ALL your needs.  He is ABLE to Heal all your diseases.  He is ABLE to DELIVER YOU!!  Our God IS ABLE!!  Now the beautiful culmination of this list takes place for me in Jude 24!  When Scripture tell us this, “Now to Him who is ABLE to keep YOU from stumbling and to Present You before His glorious presence WITHOUT FAULT and with GREAT JOY!”  Jesus is ABLE to both PRESERVE us and to PRESENT us!  This scripture reminds us that He is ABLE to Keep Us from stumbling.  That phrase means to watch over, to guard, and to Preserve!  He is ABLE to preserve us from falling away from Him!  Covered under His Righteousness and made clean by His Blood, He is able to preserve us, FREE from sin, held safely in His hand, where no one or nothing can snatch us away!  The second truth in this passage thrills me to my core!  He is able to PRESENT us WITHOUT FAULT before His Glorious Presence!  Can you remember what took place in the Old Testament when anyone came NEAR the Presence of God?  THEY FELL DOWN AS IF DEAD!!  No One could see God and Live!  No one could even stand near His presence without nearly dying.  In fact, they couldn’t even get on their feet, and yet what is Christ ABLE to do?  PRESENT us FAULTLESS!!  Listen to what this word “Present” means.  It means, “To STAND US, to SET US, to ESTABLISH US!  He is ABLE to ONE day make us STAND in God’s Presence!  Do you know that song, “I can only imagine?”  In this song there is the question, “Will I stand in Your presence, or to my knees will I fall?”  Well, I can tell you for certain that at least for a moment YOU WILL STAND IN HIS PRESENCE!!  Now, you may end up doing all those other things too, but YOU WILL STAND and you will stand FAULTLESS!!  That means without blame and unblemished!  Can you imagine standing before the GLORY of God Himself, directly in front of Him, and NOT falling because of unworthiness, but standing Faultless, clothed in the Righteousness of Christ!  This is what He is ABLE to do.  Preserve us while we are here on this Earth, and Present us when we are with Him in Heaven!  Jude tells us that He will do this with Exceeding JOY!!  This is the same JOY that was set before Him as He endured the cross!  This is what He has been looking forward to since that time:  The Glorious day when He presents us to His Father, Beautiful, Faultless, and Unblemished.  If Jesus is ABLE to do that, there is NOTHING He can’t do!!  I want to encourage you this week to think about all the trials you are facing, the difficulties you are walking through and CONSIDER the ABLE-NESS of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Whatever it is…HE IS ABLE!  There is NOTHING IMPOSIBLE FOR OUR GOD!

Scriptures to Meditate on:  Jude 24-25, Eph. 3:20, 2 Cor. 9:8, 1 Cor. 10:13, John 10:28, Rom. 4:21

Ashley Possin